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How did I execute Four days of Budget Travel to Jaipur within 2500/- rupees only (all-inclusive)?

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

Budget Traveling has always been a very important aspect for me while traveling and being a female traveler, I make sure that I spend the least possible while keeping my safety and security in mind. If you are curious to know how I mostly execute my budget travels, do check out my blog on budget traveling in India.

Let’s talk about my Jaipur trip and how I managed it in the said amount. Unlike my solo travels, this was a group trip, and I was lucky to have like-minded people who believed in budget traveling too!

Amer Fort, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Amer Fort, Jaipur

Took Overnight Semi- Sleeper Bus from Delhi to Jaipur and Normal Government Bus from Jaipur to Delhi

Let me tell you about my commute from Jaipur to Delhi, we took normal Rajasthan government buses as it's hardly a four-and-a-half-hour journey from there. To all the females out there, if you are traveling to Rajasthan, it's going to be cheaper for you competitively. Let me tell you, my feminist friend hated the idea. (Well, I like to call myself a feminist too, but I was asked to pay less, and my dark side kind of liked it, hehe, no, but seriously, it’s debatable).

Total spent around: 400+250=650/-

For traveling to places within Jaipur, I used Local buses and E-rickshaws, It's environmental friendly step too!

Not just to save money, but taking local buses and e-rickshaw is good for the environment, because you are mostly carpooling with a lot of other people.

You will easily find e-rickshaws and local buses to most places to would want to travel provided you are willing to walk a little. They are much cheaper than taking cabs or auto-rickshaws.

There was this one fine morning we booked a cab to see the sunrise from Nahargarh fort, but because we were in the group, the cab cost was split between us.

Total spent around: 340/-

Commuting in E-rickshaw, Jaipur
Commuting in E-rickshaw, Jaipur pic credit: PritishRaj

Jaipur has some really cheap and good hostels especially during off-seasons

The hostel we stayed in was pretty cheap, especially due to off season. Get what! The female dorm there was cheaper than the mixed dorm. It was clean and had a decent hanging out area. It also had kitchen facility. The hostels name was Neverland Hostels.

Total spent around:119*3(nights)=357

Splitting bills made it cheaper, so sometimes yay to Group Trips!

I love to travel solo but I also love to travel with my friends sometimes. It not only gives us time to catch up and make memories but also saves money! Often on solo trips I would end up paying for the full meal or maybe cab bill but well if you got friends to share it with, the bills are divided accordingly.

Mostly ate Jaipur Street Food or from small Dhabas

Well, I wouldn’t lie if I said that Jaipur is love when it comes to street food or cheap food options. They have a variety of food most of them have an immense touch on the Rajasthani food culture. My personal favorite was Kadhi with Kachori. We had a lot of street food, except this one day when we spent on this very famous restaurant in Jaipur and I personally hated the food so I won't mention it.

Total spent around: 550/-

pic credit: PritishRaj

Cheaper shopping Options available easily!

You can go shopping at Bapu Bazar, and on searching a bit you will find beautiful and cheap souvenirs to bring home, I also bought a few things from the local vendors roaming around. Those things are still a piece of beauty in my house.

Total spent around: 600/-


I mostly used my budget traveling ideas there and it got me a memorable trip which definitely was made better because I didn't end up spending a lot. Budget Travel allows me to explore more places or a place for a longer period of time.

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