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My four day trip to Jaipur, the Pink City of India

Updated: Jul 18, 2021

It’s been a long time since my previous blog, I want to continue writing again but this time I need a lot of prayers that I give up my laziness. This is not a travel guide, but my personal travel experience that I share. I think I should already start with my Jaipur trip discussion in 2019! Jaipur has a lot to offer especially in the segment of aesthetically beautiful and historically important architectures, food, culture and so much. I am so excited to write about my experience in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

It was a one-of-a-kind experience for me especially in the segment of budget traveling.

This was not one of my solo travels but a group trip with my friends.

Well, it was Jaipur Literature Festival and my best friend, who had already visited Jaipur before, badly wanted to attend it and my focus was on exploring Jaipur. Luckily, he asked me and two others of his friends to accompany him, and we all agreed. Back then I was still working in Delhi, so I applied for leave and added my weekend to make it a four-day trip. I have always been crazy about backpacking, and I had the best company for it.

Jaipur via Pritish Raj ft. Prakriti Chaurasia
JAIPUR, Credits: Pritish Raj

We took an overnight bus for the journey of four hours from New Delhi to Jaipur. We reached early in the morning and walked towards the hostel we booked online taking the help of google maps at 4 am in the morning, it was still dark.

Finally, we reached early and decided to wait for an appropriate time to call for the reception. That gave us a little time to explore the hostel. We found dirty washrooms and messy surroundings. We honestly freaked out in a short time.

We immediately canceled our booking online and now in the early morning with no place to stay we roamed the streets of Jaipur till we could convince ourselves to book another hostel this time after reading several reviews. We called the hostel at 6 AM and they answered! We reached there as soon as possible as all of us.

We went and they checked us in, we found this place decent and tidy. We freshened up and everyone slept like a baby except me. I could not sleep due to two major reasons, first that whenever I used to reach a new place, I can’t hold my excitement to just get out and explore as much as possible, and second, being the chilly weather seemed to cut through my skin. I realized Jaipur's cold weather was not for me.

Day 1: We started with exploring breakfast options and we found some amazing, affordable and tasty food on roadsides. We started with Kachori dipped in Curry with Chai, and then we went for bhelpuri and lassi.

Then we took an e-rickshaw to the beautiful and ancient Hawa Mahal of Jaipur. We took our time exploring the place all day and clicking as many pictures as possible. Let me just admit, Jaipur is best for your gram photos! After that, we went to a rooftop café in front of Hawa Mahal. The view from there is speechless! The architecture is worth the praise and during the night the lights all over mesmerize almost everyone!

We headed to Bapu Bazar after that to have the famous Kulfi-Faluda. It was so good that we continued eating the same dessert from the same place each day of our stay.

Day 2: We woke up late after we spent most of the previous night talking in the hostel’s common room. I remember it was Republic Day. We went to Bapu Bazar. The market looked so colorful and vibrant during the day with all the different shops selling Rajasthani clothes, pieces of jewelry and so much more. From there we walked a little to catch a bus that headed towards Amer Fort. By the time we reached there, it was about to close early due to Republic day hence the guard did not let us into the main fort. So, we decided to come back there again but not without taking as many shots as we could, as my best friend is a photographer did not leave any chance he got to capture the beautiful city of Jaipur.

We then headed towards Albert Hall Museum, it looked so beautiful and tricolored on Republic day eve. There were several performances and light shows. It reminded me of school days when we actively used to celebrate this eve.

For Dinner this day we stopped by a thela and ate the yummiest bread-omelet ever of course with chai.

Day 3: This is the day we could not risk sleeping till late again so we all decided to book an early morning cab to take us towards Nahargarh Fort to see the sunrise from up there. We reached at the right time to see a beautiful sunrise and the view of Jaipur from Nahargarh Fort was so beautiful.

We then headed towards Amer Fort, and could finally see it from inside. It’s definitely a fort worth visiting in Jaipur.

From there we went towards Patrika Gate and trust me you get so good pictures there! I mean the wall art there is so beautiful, even the architecture.

Day 4: We met a friend who lives in Jaipur and along with her, we went to Jal Mahal. After that, we had a travel meetup at Jawahar Circle Garden. It was a brilliant meetup, I got to meet so many like-minded and inspirational people. This was our last day in Jaipur so I went around markets buying things for myself, my family, my boss, and my cook.

The same evening, we took a bus back to Delhi.

I still wish I could stay few more days there, even I was not fond of the cold weather in Jaipur. The pink city and the great company made it an experience to cherish.

A memorable trip to Jaipur, Nahargarh Fort

I could pull all this off within 2500/- bucks including travel conveyance, food, stay, and shopping. How? Let me write this in my upcoming blog, which I really hope I do.

This was my Jaipur trip introduction sharing with you. I felt like talking about it and I am really glad if you could make it till the end of this blog.

Major Picture Credits: Pritish Raj

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